Sunday, April 29, 2007

A final post

Hello dear readers (I hope I am justified in appending the 's' to reader)!

A final post before I fly off to Cornell - was just wondering, confusions indicate a state of randomness... lack of order and organisation... as such, in accordance with the Second law of thermodynamics; or wait... was it the third? probably the 11th... nevertheless... that doesn't matter I guess... so where was I? Right.. in accordance with this numbered law, blogging ought to be a spontaneous process... Is it really so? I usually write a post per day (or less)... is this what spontaneity means? Is this post contributing to the total entropy rise in the Universe... is that the sole driving force for this post? Don't I have any control over this post? Is my extent of control quantified by a quantified (numbered) law? Maybe... Ta ta!


Here in case:

1. You like reading my posts...
2. You don't have anything better to do...
3. You want to see how stupid I can really get...
4. Want an insight into life at Cornell...
5. Wanna see what all pains/pleasures my trip has to offer me...
6. All of the above...

Been a nice experience writing this blog... the focus now shifts to my new blog for the summers... I do hope you continue reading my blog and keep sharing your thoughts (comments, you see :P )

Keep in touch... keep blogging...

Yours truly...

$iddharth ($hrek)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Transporter

Here's the mission: To take my PC to my home. You would brush it away saying, "Cummon now Tallur... how difficult can that be? Lol!". Well dudes (dudettes too in case any of them care to read my blog :) ), it's not as easy a job as it would seem. Taking your PC home needs lots of formalities and demands tonnes of patience.

Here's how we begin: Firstly, you have to write an application requesting the security officer at IIT to allow you to take out your computer outside the insti premises (done to prevent theft of insti comps I believe, but then I wonder who would want to steal those 3rd graders anyways; but that's a different issue). Then you search for your PC bill, as you need a stamp on that, endorsed by the Security officer dude himself. Not an easy task for a guy like me, considering the way I maintain (?) stuff in my room. After you find your bill, you take that alongwith the application to that officer guy. Now for some strange reasons, this officer guy prefers to remain incognito; seems he likes playing hide n seek with us students. It's once in a blue moon that you may find the dude seated at his desk in his office. More often than not, the staff there would say he won't be coming there for the day, and that we should better try the security key desk instead. Anyways, it's a long story, and trust me, this part of finding the security guy is the most suckup part in this whole deal.

Ok. Suppose now you are done with your gate pass thing and the permission issues are done with. Now comes one more pain. There's a confused squirrel scampering around in our wing these days. That poor soul confused my PC monitor box for a tree/stub maybe and has housed her kids in that box. It's a good thing in a way that the squeals of the kids is a fool-proof alarm system - their high pitch squeaks are sure to wake up even a deaf soul. Sometimes you get more than you bargain for though, as ocassionally an insomniac squirrel baby wakes up in the middle of sweet night and calls out to god-knows-who's-awake. Anyways, coming back to the topic, I have to plan out yet on how to peacefully get rid of these squirrel babies, without causing them any harm. It was just today that I figured out a lizard family was giving company to those kids inside those boxes, so that's one more issue I have to worry about.

Now assume I somehow manage to do all this too. Then I have to somehow find me a taxi to get all the stuff home. This ain't an easy job either, as for some weird reasons, you don't find taxis in Powai when you need them. The rest of the year you are sure to find taxi drivers loitering around outside the main gate, munching on paani puri and having a nice cup of cutting chai. And you need a taxi to take your PC home... an autorickshaw can't serve the purpose.

Well, you see how difficult a task it can be to transport your comp home. While returning, there is the additional pain of having to cope up with the lashing Mumbai rains... Sigh :S

~Ta tas.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feels good to be back...

When was the last time I dawned my comic vein and made people laugh? I guess way back... before EDL took over my soul. Had a great time today, felt so good to be back amongst the giggles and the smiles and those bursts of laughter at witty jokes... My pals simply rock....

Monday, April 23, 2007

Art and me...

I am no connoisseur of arts, though I don't mind taking time out to appreciate beauty when it's presented for that sake. People say 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. I don't think I agree with this statement. Of course one needs an aesthetic sense to appreciate the beauty in any art, but frankly speaking, I believe art should be something that brings out the objectives of the artist emphatically.

Consider for an example, the case of the movie, 'The Matrix'. It was a bazooka on the box office, going on to claim the oscars etc. etc. More importantly though, I believe the movie has gone a long way to bring out the producer's goals to the audience in a way as never before. For this very reason, I do not count 'The Matrix' and any other oscar winning movie in the same league, owing to the fact that I believe the former is what I may call, art personified.

Considering also the fact that I am not a taker for the LOTR movies (@ignorant souls: google this! Don't expect spoon feeding each time you visit my blog!) whereas the public in general goes ga ga over the same, I reach 2 conclusions: 1. I am not an appreciator of arts, 'coz considering the great success of LOTR and the huge fan following it has received, I think I am a bit abnormal (that is if I assume the people in general to be normal), 2. I have a strange taste for art.

Coming back to the topic, art is not meant for me.

My better half

Was studying for the Control Systems endsem tomorrow, and as expected, got bored to death. Out of sheer boredom, I started browsing through the huge collection of pics I have on my comp. Came across a pic clicked by Suyog on our traditional day. I happened to be standing at the very end of the group, and Suyog never realised that I wasn't fitting well into the pic (or maybe he did, and chose to go against better judgement). The result:

Doesn't look bad though I feel... Guess I'll keep this as my avatar for a few days.

~Ta tas.